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Where Tomboys Advocate, Inspire and Amplify

We are all about tomboy culture and the intricate lives of the people who live it. The show serves as an on-air space for women navigating tomboy culture as artists, entrepreneurs and creators in a radically changing world.
We are a safe space for passionate, conscious, authentic women to explore and discover current events through the LGBTQIA+ lens. The show breaks ideologies and challenges the status quo. We disrupt the heteronormative discourse and challenge old ideologies.
Our show supports Compassion Kind, which is dedicated to promoting a more conscious culture through compassionate actions to end the suffering of all beings. We envision a world with less suffering and more compassion; a conscious culture that extends its circle of compassion to all kinds regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion or species.

Bri Coorey


Host / Producer

The A-Tom Show

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